We all resonate with particular ideas, certain material goods, and especially individuals of like nature. That merely means we feel at ease, we feel completely happy and comfortable with certain surroundings and with certain people.

The following story is an actual life experience which occurred in Wisconsin. There is so much to learn from every event in life, and this story is no exception.

They called him Marvin. He was a beautiful young goose passing through Wisconsin on his journey north for the summer.  Somehow he was injured, and his flock left him behind. Fortunately, a lovely couple found him before the predators did, and they took him into their refuge and gave him his name. They had successfully cared for many birds, large and small, through the years in their personal nature preserve.

Marvin was a friendly sort, and he became fast friends with Annie and Tom. They repaired his broken wing and as the days went by Marvin became stronger and stronger. While he loved swimming in the small lake and following his human friends around, he needed companionship of his own kind.

Little Lost Lake was on the migration flyway. Every time Annie or Tom heard a flock of geese coming in for a landing on the lake, they would rush over with Marvin and anxiously watch as he joyously greeted the new arrivals. He was greeted with squawks and hisses and tearing of feathers. Time after time new flocks would arrive and Marvin would be treated with a range of behaviours from indifference to almost killing him. Tom several times had to use a broom to stop the attacks while Annie grabbed Marvin and ran for the house.

Marvin seemed to lose hope. His normally funny and cheerful disposition changed. He grew quiet, never went down to the lake on his own any longer just to swim and forage, and he didn’t eat with the relish that he once did. Annie and Tom were concerned. Yet, every time a flock flew over the house, all three would head toward the lake. Marvin waddled slowly down the path now with obvious trepidation, but he never gave up.

One day Annie and Tom came home and there was no Marvin on the porch in his basket. They quickly searched the yard and then headed down to the lake. Marvin was cautiously approaching a small but beautiful flock. They were honking joyously and several in the flock began preening his feathers. Marvin was again the happy creature they had enjoyed during his recovery.

The flock rested on the lake overnight. Early the next morning Annie and Tom heard Marvin’s distinct call. They ran outside and followed Marvin down to the lake. There they said their goodbyes, for Marvin had found his flock.

Annie and Tom watched as the flock rose from the water. They continued to observe as the flock formed their V with Marvin second from the lead, ready to take over when it was his time. The flock slowly circled around the lake as if to say one last goodbye. Finally, they headed South on their journey to their winter quarters.

Hand in hand Annie and Tom slowly walked back to the house with tears in their eyes. Marvin had won his place in their hearts. They were full of joy that he had finally found his flock, but it still was hard to say goodbye—yes—and it was for Marvin too.

There are several life lessons from this lovely true story. The first is Marvin never gave up looking for his flock even though he took a few beatings and a number of attacks. It was sad to see his joy diminished, but it returned as soon as he found his flock.

Many times this happens in the human world as well. People frequently don’t feel like they fit in with fellow students or co-workers and, sometimes, even with their own families. God makes us all so unique, and that vibration that is uniquely our own will match up with others of a like vibration. Every human has others of matching vibration just as Marvin found those that matched his own. It takes patience; it takes prayer; it takes faith; but it will happen if there is persistent effort to find that like vibration.

The second lesson is the letting go. There are many phases in life when one must let go. During this time friendships and love relationships may change. This can happen during the school phase of life such as after various graduations and then there are alterations that occur as the dynamics of classes and students change. It can be also be change due to marriage, having children and watching them grow, develop, and leave home. There are so many other factors, which can have a profound effect on us before we depart this planet Visit Website. Then, death is the most final letting go—as we know it. Yet, the separation of the living and the departed is not nearly as profoundly vast as we think it is. Yes, there is eternal life. Letting go of loved ones is easier, when you truly understand that you have an opportunity to be reunited.

Many times letting go is one of the most difficult of all human actions. It is much easier when you believe in a higher power. Turning your life over to that ever-caring force allows the soul to be at ease. All human pain and agony is relieved by this powerful light of love.

Scientists have found those who are lonely or feel alone even when surrounded by others find a commitment to this higher power much easier. When we have many friends, family, and loved ones around all the time and are so involved with them, we tend to forget the One who made it all possible. The solution to that is very simple. It is called gratitude. When our hearts are filled with gratitude, so many doors open to new experiences and blessings. People find those who are filled with love and gratitude become a delightful addition to their lives.

It is true that like attracts like. However, even the depressed and disturbed know that the vibration (light) of those who live in love and gratitude is somehow attractive. The richness of feeling love and gratitude can cure every spiritual ill, open the flow of blessings, and grace life with an abundance that is otherwise unexplainable.

If this sounds like so much nonsense, what price would it take to have absolute peace of mind, heart, and soul? For some love is an unexplainable emotion. The hurt and the pain of life cause a calloused heart—a numbing of emotions. The way to remove such layers of artificial protection is to begin a process of reaching out and helping others in their times of need instead of focusing on the hurt within. As we give, so do we receive. Not necessarily from the same people, but it will come in many ways.

In closing it takes effort to open up and look around and enrich life with love and gratitude. The Creator made us and he does not intend for us to be alone, ever. Let the light shine from within, and the blessings will be abundant from without.