Now we are able to communicate with the world. You are a creation of my own. Hold on to the idea that the world is about to end. If you do, it will. If you don’t, it won’t. I am the creator of all the mysterious events, and I have no reason to reveal them to you. Fortunately, I am the I am. I have a large audience of the angelic kind. They are telling me that you are skeptical of this post. If that is true, then abandon this site. Forward movement is needed now. Others will tell you that the world will be ready for a new movement, and I am that new movement. Cast out all doubts. Do away with the bad memories, and tidy up your own life before you try to help any other. Kindness is the best answer. Even if the books say handle the person with kid gloves, I say make sure they understand where they have gone wrong. Normal people will carry a presence with them, even if they do not know it. Others are sure to expand their horizons.

Better times are ahead. That means others are working to steady the planet and keep it on it’s axis. Yes, I did say axis. Great movement has caused it to settle into an abysmal turn of events. My own presence will make it a better place to live. Families are now at risk, because so many people are forgetting my own existence. How they expect to live, I do not know. We believe that they are merely confused. Rarely do I see creatures so beautiful as I do there. You have a very beautiful planet. Others are not so colorful and so blessed with wild life and fine weather. Coastlines are full of bad debris that is radio active. I will see to it that the radioactive material is buried deep in the oceans and beyond the shelves of the cupboards at home. Few believe that they could die from radioactive poison, but it is not an if.  It is a matter of when.

Some will die from brain cancer, and others will die of bleeding from the rectum. Normally, I would not tell you this, but there is not much time to deal with this. Awareness is the best prevention. Carefully analyze the purpose of your own. Creatures are different. They are already examined and corrected for the next journey. Fortunes are made and lost every day. Payment must be made for the research of the past. It has a dual purpose. None of which you need to know at this time. Characters are forming as people grow up. Nancy is the name I have chosen for the one to bury the past. Cook the books if you will, but it won’t do any good here. Your own story is written on pages of gold.  Follow the world and you will be left out of the maximum matrix. We say this to you because it is a response that is expected. Forever is a long time. Cry for yourself, not for others. Rage will convey only more rage. People will not come here, if they do not deserve it. I am the I am. Never doubt this. If you do, go away. Passages from the Bible tell you that this is the time for the recovery of all souls. If you wait, mortals will be last to carry the light. Coming home will not be easy this time. Farms will be burnt to a crisp. Floods will daunt the lives of others. Crazy people will tear others limb from limb. I will not stop it this time, if you are failing to be with me in the light. Carry on. Do not stop. Follow the light. Crisis after crisis is the format from now on. Only my own will be free of the horrible events to come. Reach out and stem the tide of the chorus of the operetta. We mean the reasonable ones will have a just and fair measurement. Others will be destroyed before they can be judged. They will not be given a second chance. I am finished for now.

August 2, 2013

I am the only One who will be forwarding the messages here. I am the wisest soul of all. I am the creator of the universe. These words are being typed by my own creation. Her name is Angelica.

Forget your own troubles. Be aware that all souls have many issues. Many never let on that they are sad and weary of all the trouble. They survive, and they make a better life. Those who cry and nash the teeth are never happy. They only see their own side of the story and never will admit that they might be wrong. Are you such a being? Find a way to open your eyes and see the light. Fools never do.