He exists, never doubt this. I know Him personally.

Imagine if you can the entire Universe. Think of all the planets and stars and the boundless energy that it takes to keep it all cycling in perfect order. Then there are depicted in Carl Sagen’s book breathtaking pictures of light forms throbbing throughout space. All of space is made up of light. If there is no light, it is a work in progress crestor drug.  Scientists have proven that the Universe is constantly growing. But, of course, when you learn to know and deeply love the God-Force, the I Am, the All, the ultimate Creator there is never a question or a doubt that this vital Force is ever active. It is only common sense that if he made this planet and all else, He wouldn’t be sitting around idle for eternity.

Humans cannot be so arrogant to believe that they are the only intelligent living beings on this one beautiful planet, for there is one certainty. With God nothing is impossible.

Being the creation of God, we have his light within. That light within gives us the opportunity to be hugely powerful as well. Yet, we block those powerful forces within with our doubts. We have the power of choice. When the choice is not to believe in our own divine power, it is, indeed, blocked. When this block is removed by turning back our selfish egos and the power of choice to our great Creator with total love and complete humility, the God Force becomes dominant and miraculous events occur.

Every day of our lives are meant to be great learning opportunities. When we lock out the discord and strife and accept only the accurate way of living, more mountains will be available to climb. As we climb these mountains and meet the ongoing challenges, we grow ever closer to the Divine Source of Light. “Angels are always with beings of my own making,” says the Creator. Know that you are never ever alone. The angels of God are purely good. Each of us has one guardian angel and ancillary helpers depending on the choices we make. They are assigned to guard and protect and to guide us on the divine path through this earthly life. All we must do is ask, and it shall be given. While the angels guard and protect, we still have free choice and these choices can be for the greater good or for complete disaster. That is our greatest power.

What we think is who and what we are. This is the ultimate power, our greatest force. Nothing is kept from us when we truly understand the power of this potential and use the forces in our command.

Over and over three phrases come to me. They are not unfamiliar to most people, but their importance is frequently overlooked.

  1.  Ask, and it shall be given to you.
  2. Seek, and you shall find.
  3. Knock, and the door shall be opened to you.