As we bid goodbye to 2014 it should always be mandatory to review the past year’s events. This includes both the good and the bad times. This does not mean to dwell on either but to analyze what has occurred and learn what needs to be repeated or omitted for best possible life results. This allows for a basis for new goals and a better positioning on the path of life. Every one of us has a reason for existing. Every one of us has the responsibility to learn, grow, and improve in whatever ways we can. Whatever we are within is ultimately all that we retain, forever.

The holy books emphasize gratitude as perhaps the most important feeling we can hold within. A University research project completed on two villages side by side in Pennsylvania proved the importance of gratitude and all that it generates. One village prospered, and there was very little illness, crime, divorce, or poverty. Most all of the people were generally happy and content. The other village nearby was quite the opposite. Poverty and illness were rampant. It had a record number of people with heart disease and diabetes. Crime and degenerate behavior was the rule rather than the exception.

When the researches compared the villages, they analyzed every possible reason for the vast differences between the two. Their conclusion was this.

The first village had a sense of community gratefulness. The people helped and supported each other in every possible way physically and emotionally. Because of this everyone benefited. Thus, there was no jealousy, no crime, no hurt. On the other hand, the people in the other village were spiteful, vengeful, and they tended to keep everything to and for themselves. Not even a good thought was given to another let alone a helping hand. Thus, they were a sick society in every way.

Whenever working with someone with heart disease the first question I ask is who or what hurt your heart? After the initial shock of those words and when understanding sets in, healing begins.  Likewise, diabetes is a disease that happens when “life isn’t sweet enough.” Sugar is often used as a reward instead of appreciating oneself as that special creation of God. With a heart filled with gratitude and love, it is difficult to stay sick, sad, or hurt. Of course, no one has a perfect life on this earth. There will never be a time without issues and problems for any living person.  Such events are opportunities to learn, when we aren’t aware or smart enough to learn from the good times. This is why we must be grateful for the bad times as well as the good. Then the largest step forward is to alter behavior and thinking for the better. If we live in constant gratitude to God and those around us, those thoughts alone will miraculously create change for the better.

As a man (or woman) thinketh in his (her) heart, so he (she) is. These are powerful words from the Bible, and they are law. If one looks at life as a lesson for growth and learning, such will be life.  If the viewpoint is poor me, why did this have to happen to me, in other words the WOE IS ME syndrome, guess what kind of hell life will be? That is guaranteed.

This applies to individuals, businesses, countries, the entire world. Each of us has a chance to make this life better every day. That is just by taking responsibility for actions, being aware, and in focus. This New Year is an opportunity. As we start afresh, each day can be a change for the better. This is change for the better universally.  That is how much power each and every one of us has. Let’s all live up to our potential.

I am wishing you a Happy and Blessed New Year.