According to statisticians the average person in America consumes one ton (2000 pounds) of food every year. That amounts to around 5.5 pounds of food consumed per day. The current population of the United States is about 317,000,000, plus or minus. In round numbers this average would mean that approximately 634,000,000,000 pounds of food per year are required to feed those currently residing in the USA alone.

Some eat a lot more than the average. Some people eat sparingly. Also included among this total head count are children who, hopefully, eat less than teens and adults. As the population increases so does the exponential amount of food needed. Furthermore, the less nourishing the food ingested the more people consume to try to satisfy their bodily needs and unending hunger. Since processed food contains mostly added synthetic nutrients,  people who regularly eat such fare are not adequately nourished. This is another story that has grim results.

What may be even more astounding are the statistics which demonstrate that millions of people are starving in the USA. As many as 17.1 million children (or more) go to bed hungry every night. Amazingly, the greatest numbers of those who are inadequately fed are in our nation’s capital, Washington, D. C. Those in government who are supposed to be serving us and our nation are increasing the desperation of her people. Now even our healthcare is not only a burden for all working people, but it is another way to levy a tax on us through fines. If someone can’t afford health insurance, how can they afford a fine? Furthermore, if they have to take money from their fragile budgets to pay the fines, they still have no health insurance. Does the money for the IRS fines for the lack of health insurance come from their food and rent budget? What will the IRS do with this bounty? How will these poor people eat? And, they are still uninsured.

Washington, D.C. is the very place where those supposedly in charge of this country can churn out legislation at an amazing rate (over 40,000 laws per quarter) and burden the population with mindboggling numbers of rules and regulations. Thus, laws are rampantly passed, which allow government to dip into every working person’s pocket and personal life ever more deeply every year—yet nothing improves. Every year the country is more indebted, the overall infrastructure is in totally decrepit repair, and more of the population are living in ever worsening conditions. Plus, now government is taking over half the earnings of every tax paying citizen. Yes, that does include most of the wealthy, and the wealthy are the exact individuals who create the businesses that keep Americans working. Now the wealthy are demonized as those who should be hated, attacked, and taxed to the hilt. Once America was thought of as a land of opportunity for everyone, a place where even the most impoverished of souls could achieve wondrous status and wealth with hard work and imagination. Now it seems only certain powerful ones are allowed to use and keep their wealth. The American dream is becoming the American nightmare. We are headed for equal poverty for everyone, and the people in control will have it all. This is what life was like for the Russians in the 1970’s. It is called Communism, and yet this is supposedly why the USA fought so many wars in the past to protect us from such a way of life.  Now the agenda has changed from war on Communism to war on terrorism. But beware.  As history has shown over and over what is focused on is what we get.


Thus, what is happening to the population of the United States? The structure is changing, and the opinions and attitudes are as well. Our propaganda machines (nightly news) are telling us to fight more wars, hate our neighbors, think of everyone around us as possible terrorists, and attack each other according to color barriers and/or religious beliefs. Therefore, the goal is to stir up the masses to hate and, perhaps, even kill those who supposedly appear to be more privileged or just different. This was evident after the infamous trial in Florida. After the trial most of the news media hounded the public with hours of propaganda to stir up feelings of injustice and utter rage in the black communities because of the jury’s “not guilty” decision. They briefly mentioned that there would be another civil trial for the same charge. Yet, the whole event was fraught with puzzling and questionable facts. Some even claimed that Trayvon’s heart was appropriated for the sudden heart replacement surgery for Dick Chaney. What are the real facts, and where are we being led?

There is always a backlash with “propaganda with a purpose.” People start attacking other people wontanly. Soon after the media blitz, a white man was waiting for a bus in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. He was viciously attacked, beaten, kicked, and tormented by black teens. Yet, it was a brave black man who stopped the depravity. If he hadn’t interrupted the hate scene, the young white man very likely may have been killed. The same thing happens every time terrorist propaganda is repeated endlessly on television screens across America. Then, anyone with a dark beard or Mediterranean appearance is at risk for their very lives and many have been killed.

What is actually happening in the United States today is a concerted effort to take all guns away from Americans. It is believed that an unarmed America is much easier to control. Likewise, to create extreme fear in communities across America will seduce people to accept Marshall Law, of which Mr. Obama is a huge proponent. He passed executive privilege laws—not once, but three times—to enact Marshall Law at (his) will. That means that our own soldiers will hold us as prisoners in our own country. There are already more people in prisons today in the United States than in both China and Russia combined. That means more than 2.3 million people are behind bars today. Are we the worst people in the world? Having traveled the world over, I don’t think so. This nation and the entire world are in the worst trouble we have ever seen. Where has it all gone wrong?

Is there anything righteous and good in the Muslim world? There is a movement that would have us believe that all Muslims must be terrorists. Even more frightening this same movement would have them all exterminated, women and children no exception. Currently, there are between 1.2 to 1.6 billion Muslims in the world. It is the second largest established religion in the world, which propaganda machines would have us believe that they are all ready to “getcha Read More Here.” Yet, doesn’t this infringe on the right to worship as we please in America? This is one of the most valuable freedoms offered as an American right. Yet, the world has converged on a people who are helpless in their own countries. I have met many Muslims. There are those who have great kindness and many virtues as ordained by the laws of our creator, and there are those who have basically no redeeming graces. This is true of all humans of every race, color and creed. However, let’s give credit where credit is due. Now is the time of Ramadan for the Muslims around the world. It is their time of reflection, prayer, charity and giving. Most of all it is a time of fasting. While the fast is meant to be a time of reflection and denial of human decadence, it is also a blessed time of health restoration when the fast is done with restraint and spiritual understanding. Just think. If fasting for thirty days during Ramadan meant two-thirds of the food that is normally consumed each day by an average of 1.2 million Muslims is left uneaten, what a wealth of resources are left available for those in need. Plus, the fast of refraining from food and water from sunrise to sunset gives the body and its organs a much needed complete rest. It is universally misunderstood that refraining from drinking water for a number of hours is not dangerous.  Drinking water causes the organs to react and to begin their functions. The absence of water and food allows the organs to be idle during the daylight hours and makes the fasting effort completely regenerating and beneficial.  Actually, a complete fast is much easier, and the hunger pangs are far less noticeable.  Furthermore, water is a valuable resource and that commodity is spared for a period of time as well.

The practice of fasting strengthens the spirit. We really don’t need to be eating constantly. A small amount of highly nutritious food is far superior and more beneficial than an endless amount of processed, powerless food endlessly consumed. I am appalled by the number of people who believe they might faint or die if they missed a single drink or meal.  What about the hunters and gatherers? If there was nothing available, they just did not eat. They constantly moved their bodies, they fasted, they were physically strong. Eventually, science even proved that people who eat sparingly live longer.

We’ve become a nation of weak, pampered, fearful people. When we turn to our God-force, when we put our trust in Him completely, all woes recede. Worry, fear, anger, hate. These are our enemies. The actual very first commandment was “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” What does this mean? If you are a balanced, intelligent being, it is only logical to treat others with kindness and compassion. It is also a Law of our great creator that what you believe is what you get. If you think everything and everyone is bad, it is. If you believe your life is a failure, so it is. WE MUST EXPECT THE BEST (and live the best) TO GET THE BEST.  Only mentally ill/ sick souls would seek to harm others for their own worldly gain. Yet, populations are destroyed for the commodities that their homelands hold. This is not how we are meant to deal with our neighbors next door or a nation far away. Every day each one of us can change our world for the better. This happens when any and every one of us becomes better in the ways we think, act, and perform.  Living in a state of continuous gratitude, living the secret of refusing to accept the worldly evil as our own inheritance, that is how we bring our nation back to a state of prosperity, honor, health, and justice for all. Only goodness and purity feed the soul, and, ultimately, the belly as well.