When Solomon became king he prayed that God would give him an understanding heart to correctly judge the people of his kingdom. If this request was granted, Solomon would always righteously discern between right and wrong. The Lord was extremely pleased by his request. Instead of asking for long life, or great wealth and self-enrichment, or the destruction of any enemies, he only asked for himself understanding to discern judgment for the  people under his rule.  Thus, God gave him a wise and understanding heart. The intentions of Solomon’s prayer were so selfless that God declared that there was none like him before him and neither after him shall any arise like him. What a blessing that was, because Solomon was, indeed, the wisest, ultimately the wealthiest, and most amazing king.

Obviously, the desires of the heart and the behavior that ensues are what make each person unique. Each person’s every action is a true reflection of his or her heart. Furthermore, God knows the entirety within of every heart and soul. In other words, God knows every move, every action that we make; who we really are. Wouldn’t it be a wondrous commitment, if each person dedicated every action, every deed, every moment to the glory of God? Can you imagine what this world would be like? It would be better than Eden, because the tremendous wealth of good would be so overwhelming. No corruption, hate, murder, war, injustice could ever touch us individually or this planet, our mortal home.

If you cannot believe that the heart makes this much difference, read and remember this true story.

Ms. Morris (not her real name) was weak and her energy was failing more each and every day. She could barely walk across a room, let along manage the daily tasks of caring for herself and her home. The doctors said she would not survive unless she had a heart transplant. She was not too hopeful, because there were so many waiting for transplants and her own genetic match was rare.

All her friends and family were very distressed that she was so ill. Ms. Morris was the kindest and most thoughtful of souls. She had dedicated her life to helping others, and her belief in God was her mainstay. Now she was dying a slow and agonizing death. Was this a deserving reward for such a generous and decent soul?

Time was slipping by. She was finding it more difficult every day to believe that a heart would be found. Then one evening, the phone rang. It was the hospital. An ambulance would be there within minutes, because a compatible heart had just arrived. She was filled with joy combined with a terrible fear of what to expect, but there was no time to think about anything now.

Ms. Morris was prepped and wheeled to the operating room upon her arrival at the hospital. The team began the surgery immediately on the gentle, soft spoken woman. Everyone loved her, and they were so happy that the young accident victim’s family had donated his heart. Now it was a race with time to see if the heart would save her life.

The nurses gathered at her side as she began to respond after the surgery.  Her eyes suddenly flashed open. She gazed from side to side. Then in a demanding shrill voice she croaked, “Where the hell am I? Get me a beer.” Well, the shock was overwhelming. This is not what anyone expected from dear Ms. Morris. They thought, perhaps, the anesthesia had affected her mind.

The dead boy’s parents were told that Ms. Morris had regained consciousness. They told the head nurse that donating their son’s heart helped them with their loss. Further, as they both began to cry,  they revealed what a burden the young man had been. He was such a never ending trial all his life and had caused nothing but pain and sorrow. While riding his motor cycle in a drunken stupor, he caused a terrible accident. His death, while not immediate, was anticipated. Thus, his parents thought by donating his organs, it would be his first and only way of helping others.

When the critical care nurses heard the story they wondered what really happened to Ms. Morris. Was her new heart a blessing or a curse?

There was no further information about the lovely woman with the bad boy heart. The heart is the seat of the soul, the essence of every person. Hopefully, the  innate goodness of the heart recipient will have overcome the innate badness of the donor.

Let’s examine the various words and sayings relating to the heart. These are some examples:

soft-hearted, hard-hearted, weakhearted, openhearted, heartfelt, heart song, brave heart, stout-hearted, heart-warming, coldhearted, warm-hearted, wholehearted, kind-hearted, heart-lifting, heavy heart, heartless,heartbreaking, heartbroken, downhearted, heartsick, disheartened, heart-rending, good-hearted, big-hearted, tender-hearted, light-hearted, home is where the heart is, I don’t have the heart to tell him….,known for having a lot of heart, have a heart, have you no heart, heartfelt wishes, the heart of the matter, his heart isn’t in his work, nothing would soften the heart of a tyrant.

Notice that each word or phrase represents an emotional impact, either good or bad. When someone hurts the heart, it is a jarring experience. On a physical level many people have heart attacks after such an event occurs. Further, if the heart does not successfully cope with this injury on a spiritual level, only hate, anger, and bitterness will prevail. Thus the hurt is lasting for the individual so inflicted, while the person inflicting the hurt feels no pain, and, perhaps,  even enjoys an evil glee. Before leaving this life everyone will feel the pain of heartbreak. It may be experiencing the death of a loved one, or it could result from an attack by a trusted friend. It will happen, but it can’t damage the heart of the one who knows and loves God. It is better to face life’s challenges as tests of our spiritual strength. Forgiving and letting go are the two most powerful tools in our earthly armament. You advance your own cause, your own soul, when you follow this path. That is why you are here.

Fortunately,  falling in love brings joy like one has never experienced before. The heart flowers with the most wonderful feelings that no words can express, especially when that love is equally returned. Love and commitment of the heart have inspired the finest emotions and the greatest of acts. Another powerful type of love occurs when a child is conceived and born. Again it is even more profound when there is enduring love between the parents of this child. The power of love is the greatest power of all.

God is love. God gave us love to open our hearts and free them to be full of joy and desire to reach monumental achievements. The heartlessness of war, murder, lying, depravity of all kinds brings no joy and light to the heart. Warriors returning home break down when they see their own babies after having relentlessly murdered babies in other countries. Always, their hearts are heavy when they realize the contrived wars are merely a tool to reap power and money for the wicked few. Plus, they have been used as  merciless forms of population control, mere pawns of the so-called powerful. Evil unleashed on others never brings eternal peace and happiness.

Thus, their is  only one way to live, to serve, and to be sure to return to the light from whence we come. Follow God’s real first commandment: Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. You have a heart. Make sure it is always in the right place, and use it accordingly.