Wisdom From The Light: Guidance For The New Year

A new year is about to begin. It always presents itself as new and fresh and an opportunity to start over again. Every new year may be viewed as an exciting reprieve from the madness and mayhem of the out going year. Hopefully, the new year enters with the powerful knowledge that a better life really is possible.

No matter how successful one is there are always spaces in life–twists and turns– that could be better.  No individual, not even one, is free of  life’s tests and tribulations. Even the mistakes, the most painful disasters, the darkest hours add dimensions to life that can enlighten the soul, if so allowed. The success attitude helps reveal something worthwhile in every experience no matter how grim. If nothing else, the intensely bad times may actually force a connection with the highest being, Who is always ready to give comfort, to forgive, and to lift up our spirits.

Why are we here? Each individual’s life experience is an intensive journey into the unknown. The search for and revelation of truth, wisdom, and self-improvement  in every possible way are the ultimate goals for the short amount of time spent on this planet. Life is a gift meant to widen personal horizons. It is a time to take the light within to the highest level and cast out the darkness and despair.

If nothing but turmoil has filled your life in the past, look within. Nothing changes until we learn the power of evolution from within. What you focus on is what prevails in your life. So frighteningly enough, if you are full of anger, pain, bitterness, worry, and revenge. what do you think  prevails? No drugs, no drink, no special potions can erase that darkness from the soul. That darkness will never let you grow into the powerful being of light that you are meant to be.

Life must have a purpose to fulfill the soul’s existence here. Sadly, so many say I don’t know what I want to do. Yet, every day that passes you do what you do, another day is gone, and a pattern establishes itself as your life. First, last and always you are what you think. Thus, destiny is finalized every day by the thoughts that fill the mind. If the thoughts that fill the mind are all woe is me and ain’t it awful, guess what you get. If daily thoughts are God made me, and I am full of the power of His light. Nothing  is impossible for God, and nothing that is based upon His light and goodness is impossible for me. Guess how quickly life changes for the better when these thoughts are constantly prevailing and the negative mantras are gone. Open this new year like the gift it is. If you fall, get up. Start again. Remember the light within.  You have the power to help you.

The final and most important sentence is from the Divine Source: He says, “You have the power to call upon Me.”


The following is wisdom from ancient times that is important to forever remember. It is an excerpt from the book, The Illumined Ones Grace Cooke’s memories of reincarnation, The White Eagle Publishing Trust.

This story is based upon the Mayan civilization and their leader. Chief Hah-Wah-Tah taught how to rule with love and how to live in peace with all human and animal life.

“The Mayas never slew any creature wantonly. If it became necessary to kill for food they would do so, first thanking their brother the animal whose life they were compelled to take, for his sacrifice and for the gift of his flesh. A spirit of brotherhood, cheerfulness, kindliness and service pervaded the communal life, a spirit taught them by word and deed by Hah-Wah-Tah. We all shared alike. No man dreamt of taking more than another, for each recognized the other’s needs.

Hah-Wah-Tah was wise in head and heart, with deep spiritual intelligence, for all he knew came from the illumination of his soul by God’s light. He saw that the only possible basis for true law and just government was brotherhood, simple kindliness practised and lived. He knew that if brotherhood was established peace must follow, with progress in arts and sciences, well-being in body,  soul and spirit. And indeed the law of brotherhood, recognition of the equal needs and rights of all men, proved effective for the settlement of any problems that might arise in the affairs of our people.

On the first of each lunar month, the day of the new moon, Hah-Wah-Tah would attend his Court of Justice. This was held in a stone building, rather like a large summer-house, where flowering vines grew up the stone pillars and over the dome they supported. The interior consisted of a fairly large assembly hall with a low wall that divided the court from the gardens, and an inner council chamber at the far end of the entrance-hall with an opening like a window that gave a wide view of the river and mountains on the horizon. Here, seated on a seat cut whole from the trunk of a great tree and shaped into a dais or throne, its back carved in the figure of a plumed eagle and surrounded by grapes and wheat, Chief Hah-Wah-Tah listened with grave patience to the questions and problems his people and the younger chieftains submitted to him. Some came from over the mountains, others from villages near and far down the great river. Most were simple, primitive, kindly; yet a few harboured the seeds of doubt, fear and greed, the beginnings of discontent and strife.

A young chieftain named Armoric arrived one day to ask what he was to do in the event of a poor harvest that threatened his people with famine. His own lands were producing insufficient food, the chief of a neighbouring tribe refused to lend acreage except at an exorbitant price: was he to pay or should he take land by force of arms from his neighbour, knowing that he and his people could win and confiscate what they needed? If Armoric acceded to his brother-chieftain’s demands he would probably impoverish his own people and make them go hungry pending a better harvest. He claimed every moral right on his side; the other man’s attitude was harsh and wrong. He could fight and probably win. What should he do?

Hah-Wah-Tah listened intently and sat for a long while with eyes closed as if he consulted with those who were invisible. He asked that the other chieftain be sent for, who having made obeisance before the Father of his people, debated nothing of his case and sought to justify it, pleading poverty and the need to accumulate ample stores against possible adversity. His own tribe: if anyone suffered it should be they. Then he grew angry and incoherent under the gaze of those wise eyes that saw so deep into the heart, and at length fell silent.

Hah-Wah-Tah spoke gently as befits one who though in authority is kindly withal; yet there was weight, power, in every word and no word failed of its mark. ‘He who puts himself first, the welfare of family or tribe before the common good, dies the Slow Death,’ he said. ‘First, zest dies in the heart though no man knows it, for the voice of conscience that should be a wise counsellor becomes a canker. He no longer has any pleasure in living, and his days are cloudy, heavy; his kind, comes like a tyrant who brings cruel suffering. The unjust man cannot evade this. Nor will his possessions remain, for the spirits of Earth, Air, Water and Flame, seeing he truly deserves the Slow Death, will refuse their help. His crops will fail and storms will blast his property. Floods will drown cattle and sheep. Irresistible fire will devour his substance. And the hereafter waits.’

Hah-Wah-Tah turned to Armoric. ‘You have heard. If this man chooses the way that leads to the Slow Death do not hate him, but rather pity him with all your heart, for he will need it. Harbour neither resentment nor bitterness find more. Cleanse yourself of these and the spirits of Earth and Air, Water and Flame will serve you in such manner that your crops will grow more plentiful and you will be rich in blessing. Hate the oppressor in your heart and you too will die the Slow Death. Suffer injustice with forgiveness and all will be well with you.’

Hah-Wah-Tah pleaded with the two chieftains. ‘Brothers of my heart, will you not meet one another? I who am Hah-Wah-Tah would touch you with the hand of love, hold you together in brotherhood. My heart is sore because of your enmity. Take each other by the hand and go back to your place, asking the Great White Spirit to shew you the way of blessing.’

Hearing this, the two went their way, hand in hand, like children that are sorry.” (the end of the excerpt)

Don’t die the Slow Death, because it is a choice. Forgiveness is self-healing. To have the darkness in your heart and soul is Slow Death.  While the perpetrator of evil will die a Slow Death for the evil inflicted, so will the one who will not forgive. Both are caught in the darkness. Both will suffer the consequences.

Not long ago in an antique mall there were some fascinating old books that I was intently reviewing before purchasing.  An elderly man wandered into the area and started chatting about the antiques. Then he began a lengthy story about his brother. The brother had been in serious trouble and needed money. The old man didn’t have the money to loan but manage to gather together $5000 to give to his brother in his time of need.  The brother survived the crisis and over time became wealthy.  He made no attempt to return the $5000. The old man said he asked and then demanded over and over the return of his hard earned cash. The brother laughed at him and told him he would never get it. The glint of  hate in the old man’s eyes was direly intense.  He said,” my brother better hope I die before my wife, because if she dies first, I will tear him limb from limb.”

It was a bit shocking to see such intense feelings, such deep hate, because of a transitory thing such as money. Yet, it was more than just the money. He had rescued his brother in a time of need. The brother attained wealth and position beyond his own and mocked the kindness that had been given.  Finally, I told him that his brother will bear the responsibility of shamelessly rewarding good with evil on Earth as well as the hereafter. However, his kindness of helping in a time of need could not be recognized if his heart was full of anger and hate. No amount of money is worth the destruction of the soul. Let it go for his own sake.

Evidently that wasn’t the response he hoped for. He wandered off mumbling, still full of hurt and hate. He just didn’t understand that the forgiveness was a major step to heal his own heart. Yet, who knows when we plant the seeds of love and forgiveness, what will happen as they take root.

One thing is certain. Those who seek another for a “loan” are obligated to pay it back. Unfortunately, the likelihood that they will is not good. If money is given to help another in time of need, in your heart and mind consider it gone forever. Then, if it is never paid back, there are no expectations and no disappointments. The onus is on them for such despicable behavior. This is especially so if it is a family member, because the family tie can cause such deep hurt. If the loan seeker does pay the money back, then it is gladly and happily received. That is a good day for one and all. Remember too, there would be no debt, if you did not (willingly or unwillingly) give the loan. Also the reputation and integrity of the borrower are most likely known to you. If someone is deserving, help them. If they are not, you bear the consequences of your own decision. When in doubt, pray for guidance. Then free your heart and soul to live in peace with the final decision, no matter the consequences.

Many blessings and a Happy New Year,

Angelica–Angel of Answers