You have arrived at Angel of Answers—just in time.

As the holy books say everything has it’s season. When you are ready, it will happen.

Are you ready?

Everything that happens is for a reason. We get to decide for ourselves whether events in our lives will be good ones or not by the thoughts on which we focus. If you focus on happiness, joy, peace, and love, those feelings are what you will get if you truly believe that you are worthy of such emotions. Yet, even pretending that you are joyful on the outside can affect the bad feelings on the inside in a positive way. It amazingly helps to dissipate those painful emotions. You may be hearing quite a lot about the laws of attraction—which you focus on creates a vibration that attracts a like vibration. It is definitely fact, this law of attraction. If you are ready to accept that fact and use the law of attraction in a favorable way your life will change beyond belief. We have powers and abilities that we can barely comprehend, but this is quickly changing as we learn more and more. This should not be difficult to understand. The law of attraction is no different than other laws designed by our great divine source such as the law of gravity. If you jump from an airplane without a parachute, the law of gravity will determine your fate. Likewise, if you think life is bad, it is. If you think life is good, it is.

Thinking is the key; it is your power

Our great creator moved all that was chaos into universal order. That is why we have the universal laws, and the Universe continues to grow and expand. Almost daily scientists are discovering new stars, new planets, and even new galaxies. The great creator didn’t just create this little world of ours and sit down to rest forever. This powerful force is forever active and forever forming new and amazing wonders. Forever, indeed, is a very long time. That powerful force, the great white light gave man the power of choice. That is a power that not even the angels use, since they have subjugated that power to their divine creator in the name of the most powerful force that exists. That greatest force that exists and the ultimate answer to everything is LOVE. This creator who is called so many different names in so many different languages is the supreme power, which is love.

The white light of love is in constant awareness of all that exists. Nothing is beyond the realm of this great being. The more we love the more the law of attraction brings us closer to our divine creator.

If life on this planet is bad, it is only because man chose to make it so. We have the power—more than at any other time in history—to change everything for the better.

If you have come to this site by design or by accident, it will change who you are for the better. It will change the entire world for the better—if you so believe with all your heart and soul. Welcome, dear soul. You are the precious being. This site is a place for you to learn and grow.

That is our purpose—forever.

My love forever,

Angelica Lord